Who Dug This Hole?


Who Dug This Hole? cover

Who Dug This Hole?

by Anita Holmes

Benchmark Books, Marshall Cavendish, New York. 2001


Nature provides all kinds of habitats for Earth’s creatures. Many of these creatures take shelter by digging holes in the ground, in sand, or in other places. In Who Dug This Hole?, the author guides readers on a page-by-page quest to discover who dug the hole.

Young readers discover that ghost crabs and clams dig holes in sandy beaches. They learn that other animals take shelter by digging holes in the ground, including ants, wasps, moles, prairie dogs, rabbits, chipmunks, skunks, and even wolves. In the desert woodpeckers often dig nesting places high up in giant cacti. Sometimes after the woodpeckers vacate the holes, other creatures move in.

“The next time you walk by a hole,” says the author, “stop and think. Who dug this hole? Who might be living down there?”

This is an easy reader packed with solid science.

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