We Can Read About Nature! SeriesTM

The following six easy readers are in the Marshall Cavendish's Benchmark Books series, 

We Can Read About Nature! TM. Each book, illustrated with bold, colorful photographs, 

was developed for early readers who love to explore the world of nature. 

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Can You Find Us?

Flowers and Friends

If Grass Could Talk

Insect Detector

Where Robins Fly

Who Dug This Hole?

Click on the titles to learn about each book.


“These titles [Can You Find Us?, Flowers and Friends, and Insect Detector] offer budding scientists just the right dose of facts and fun. The lead pages beckon readers to “Look for us inside this book,” with a list of anticipated creatures. Can You Find Us? explores camouflage and Flowers looks at the pollination process through the perception of various creatures. Insect Detector introduces the characteristics of insects and touches on their life cycles. In all three titles, Holmes keeps the information basic and appealing. A few sentences per page accompany vivid, close-up, captioned photos of the flora and fauna mentioned. The simple, inquisitive texts and bold graphics set on plenty of white space make these solid additions to natural-science and early-reader sections.” – School Library Journal

“From the We Can Read About Nature series [Benchmark Books, 2001], these books use simple words and clear, colorful photos to present concepts useful to children in understanding nature. Can You Find Us? challenges children to learn about camouflage and to search for small animals hidden in their surroundings. Insect Detector describes the characteristics of an insect and asks children to determine whether a certain animal, such as a scorpion, spider, or butterfly, can be classified as an insect. Some of the pictures are rather small, but their quality and clarity are excellent, and they illustrate the text quite well. A good series for young naturalists who are just learning to read.” – ALA Booklist


“Nature is full of mysteries to be uncovered and wonders to be explored. The eighteen titles in this reading series plunge early readers into the endless fascination of the natural world. An array of important scientific concepts such as camouflage, habitat, identification of species and life cycles are presented in the simplest of words. A wonderfully clear and inviting text and a wealth of dazzling photographs result in an accessible format that invites repeat visits. Each title begins with a word list alerting readers to key words that will follow and ends with “Fun with Phonics” ––an excellent tool for parents and teachers –– and “Fun Facts” that will gently challenge young readers with extra items of interest.” – Good Reads


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